Recording Mic & Decks Simultaneously on Audacity

Hi, I’m new to this forum, so bear with me when I try to explain what my issue is in the hope someone can help me out.

I am starting a regular podcast, music related, I have a set of Pioneer DDJ SR’s for the music, this is linked into my iMac via an RCA and i have managed to record a DJ set using Audacity, however I would also like to talk on the podcast, I have bought a RODE Podcaster microphone which has a USB connection but have found that I can only record in audacity using the microphone or the DDJ’s, I can’t find a way of using and recording them both simultaneously. There is no usb port on the DDJ to plug the mic into. Is it possible to run them both together and have them both as an Input into audacity?

Any one any ideas?



Did you keep the receipts for the podcaster? You were supposed to buy an analog microphone such as the Shure SM-58 rock band microphone and a rock band mic cable (attached, below) to plug it into the front of the Pioneer over on the right where it says Mic-In.

If you don’t do that, you can force the Mac to create an Aggregate Device in Go > Utilities > Audio MIDI Setup and mix the two USBs that way.


If you do it in the Mac, you have no control of the volume of the mix during the mix and more importantly, you have no control of the timing. Aggregate Device will ask you which USB do you want to sync to — to be the master — because it can’t sync to both. Over the course of a long performance, the two devices, mixer and mic, may drift out of time with each other. If you have any leakage between the playback music and your microphone, you will slowly get an echo which will get worse and worse as the show plays.

If you offended all the audio gods at the same time, your voice may get to the end of an hour mix at a different time than the music.

Much better to do it with the Pioneer.

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