Recording mic and guitar same time on mono

Hey all,

Not sure if the resolution to my woes is found in Audacity or my audio interfaces DAWS because I am very new to both. This seems like it should be easy but I’m having big troubles.

I want to do a simple, live recording of vocals and guitar in mono. I’m using two inputs, one for the mic and one for the electric-acoustic guitar. I am using Saffire 24 Pro DSP. It will only record either the mic or the guitar, but not both. I can get both going if I do it in stereo but then you have one track left and one right when I want them both in the middle.

For a quality recording, I record guitar first and lay vocals over it but some songs I just want to get out fast.

Good - do that.
from the dropdown menu of the stereo track, select “Split Stereo to Mono” (see:

That will give you two mono tracks which will both play to both speakers. When you export, Audacity will push both tracks into one mono sound file.


Wonderful! Thank you guys so much!