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I have a copy of audicity 2.0 which came with a Climax Digital converter I recently purchased to convert tape and viny.

Its all working fine but I have inadvertently switched off the meter displays and consequently I have no visual means of looking at my levels and for the life of me I cn not find a way of switching the buggers back on so that I can see them again

Can someone PLEASE be kind enough to let me know how to restore the two green and red meters back on the screen as I can not find anywhere in the instructions on how to do it .

Thanks !!


If you mean that the meters are not present, go to “View > Toolbars” and click on “Reset Toolbars”.

If you mean that the meters are present but greyed out:
Below the meter there is a little black triangle next to the icon of the microphone/loudspeaker. Click on the little black arrow and select “Enable Meter” from the drop down menu.

Thanks for the info Steve.

I did mean that they are just not present, sorry should of been more precise … however I have followed your instructions and opend up the “view” drop down but the Reset Toolbar option does not show whatsoever !! I get other options but not that one ???

Can you help out here please …Many thanks


The current version of Audacity is 2.0.3. You can check the exact version number of your installed version by looking in the Help menu > About Audacity.
If you have an older version, the current version is available here:

In the curret version of Audacity (2.0.3), if you look in the “View” menu, go down to the bottom where it says “Toolbars”, there is a sub-menu that lists all of the Audacity toolbars. Each item in that sub-menu has a check-box. When ticked, the associated toolbar will be visible, when not checked that toolbar will be hidden. By default all toolbars are visible. At the bottom of the sub-menu is the option “Reset Toolbars” - click on that to reset the toolbars to the default layout.

Hi Steve

Looks like I had an old version… Have downloaded the new one and everything is up and running.

Many thanks for you help

Best wishes