Recording making noise when monitoring is turned on

I am running Audacity 3.1.3 on Windows 11.
I recently purchased a condenser microphone to record songs and voice.
When I turn on monitoring through Audacity or record any audio that involves monitoring, then the recording creates a noise that sounds almost like digital signal noise that we used to hear from old Dialtone modems. The noise is not so high, but it is significant enough to be heard at average volume levels.
When I turn off monitoring though, I don’t hear the noise when I connect my headphone to the condenser mic.
But, when I turn on monitoring, the noise is even audible through the headphone which is connected to the condenser mic. And it is audible in the recording itself as well, like I mentioned above.
This same problem is occurring on Adobe Audition as well, not just Audacity.
What can be the problem? Is it my condenser microphone’s fault, or is there any fault in my laptop hardware? Or any settings issue or device issue?
Since this noise is not generating when monitoring is off, I don’t think that it is the microphone’s fault? Is it?
Please let me know how I can fix this.

Many thanks!

What’s the condenser microphone?

Condense microphones that get their power from the computer via USB (most of them) and can have odd noise problems.

If your microphone misbehaves on both Audacity and Audition then my guess it’s a bad interaction between the computer and the microphone. Neither one is broken, but they just don’t like each other.

This problem most often happens with an affordable home computer and an affordable home microphone.

But the microphone can be broken. I recently bought and returned a USB desk microphone that made electrical noises when I touched it. Not a good sign.


This is the Vault USB condenser microphone that I purchased:

What happens is that, when I initially connect it, there is no noise during monitoring. But, this noise gradually increases and is much significant later on. When I restart the computer, it again sounds okay in the beginning but then the same thing happens.

The sound is just like the dial tone sound of old modems back in the late 90’s. :stuck_out_tongue:

It might sound funny but that’s how it is :laughing:

The sound is just like the dial tone sound of old modems

Select five to ten seconds of the noise > File > Export > Export Selected Audio > WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit.

Scroll down from a forum text window > Attachments > Add Files.

Sometimes we can identify the problem from the sound.

Problems that sneak up on you over time are super rare.


Thanks so much! I will send a recorded audio file soon.