Recording mainly noise

Hi all
I’m using Audacity 2.0.6 (.exe) on Vista

I’ve been recording web streams very happily for an age. Suddenly there is barely a wave form at all - amplified it is 95% noise and the ghost of what I want to capture.

Checking thru Windows Manage audio devices, my Recording Line In says the VIA HD Audio is unavailable but have gone to the VIA HD Audio Deck and can’t see an issue - not that I know too much about all this!

Any ideas?


You may not be recording Line-In any more, or it’s turned down. Can you hear the dog barking? You may be recording the built-in microphone. Do you use Skype? Sometimes that doesn’t give you your sound services back when it’s done.


Well well, not sure what’s made the difference, but in trying to look at your suggestions I’ve somehow got it sorted after all - I did Transport/Rescan Audio Devices, perhaps that helped?

Tx for your input!