Recording LPs with Audacity Question

I had a question.

If I listen to a track that I’m recording from an LP WHILE recording it, would it lag the program somehow and not get the maximum quality I want?

I have the option for Audacity to listen to the song while I record it from the actual Turntable. I have that option selected but I didn’t know if it would affect the song quality, cause ripping, etc.

Any help on this?

Oh, and I know that MP3 compresses the true sound out of records but just another small question, should I NOT record my LPs into mp3 and lose quality?

Thing is, I like using my Zune on the go…

Anyone know any good headphones for listening to records?

Sorry for all the questions lol.

The problem that you may encounter while playing the LP (on loudspeakers) while recording is that you may get a little audio feedback through the cartridge - particularly if you play it lound and your record deck is not very acousically insiulated. (However, having said that - I do play mine while recording).

When I trancsribe my LPs I make both WAV and compressed audio. I keep the WAVs for archive backup (two copies - two separate USB discs - v. cheap these days) - and I make compressed copies from the WAVs for my iPod - I use AAC rather than MP3.

Kozikowski often comments on headphones - hopefully he may chip in heare or you could search the forum (as it says on one of my motoring websites "you do know a kitten gets killed every time you don’t use the Search function :frowning: ")

I personally use Sennheiser HD 25-1 which I find comfortable and deliver excellently detailed sound quality - cost was c. UK£150 IIRC. For travelling I have a pair of Sennheiser folding PX-100 headphones - much cheaper (I paid c. UK£30) than the HDs but still pretty good sound quality - plus they fold into a compact little plastic box.


Cool, so if I’ve been listening via headphones and not speakers (2.1 surround sound lol), and if I’ve been converting to WAV from the original recording (right after I hit stop record lol) for backup purposes and 320 kbps MP3 for my Zune, am I ok?

Sounds good to me, 320 is very high quality.

The backup WAVs are your friends (look after them well) - you don’t want to have to go through the whole digitization process again, do you …


Yeah I would go straight to WAV on my Zune but thing is, Zune Lossless is the only format they have.

Should I convert my WAVS from my records to Zune Lossless? Would this lose quality?

It shouldn’t lose quality as they are both lossless formats.