Recording LPs/Normalizing Audio

i recorded some LPs with audacity & they sound too loud, i don’t mind it being loud i just don’t want to lose the quality. i wanna know is if it’s recording the record at it’s orginal volume when the input and output volume levels are both at 1.0

It’s all down to your sound card and the sound card drivers. Use the Windows Mixer, or your sound cards control panel/mixer to set the recording and playback levels.
(I’m assuming that you are not recording from a USB device).

what do i set it to? 100% ?

look at the recording meters in Audacity while you are recording
(tip: or better still, click on the recording meters and they should wake up and show a red bar that moves with the music).

The level on the recording meter should show at around -6dB (very approximate) but should not go all the way up to 0.

(tip 2: You can grab the meters with your mouse and pull them around the screen. If you stretch them to the full width of your screen it is much easier to see the recording level).