Recording LP's no sound

Equipment set up plugged in, appears to be working fine, computer says saving as 16 bit wav file, but when I save to Windows Media Player to burn CD no sound
is burned.

Do you get blue waves and bouncing sound meters in Audacity and does the show play when it’s in Windows Media?


Yes have the waves, while recording looks like is working, saves. Export from Audacity, save to Windows does not appear there when I go back to find it. Tried to find location, is under music in filing but not in Media Players file.

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If this is a USB turntable, unplug it or change the Windows playback device to have sound in Windows:

You can open File > Export… again to find out where you last saved to.

Be aware that if you put dots in the file name when you export, Windows will by default not display the exported file as the audio format it actually is, because by default it hides the file extension.

And if you exported a file name with dots in it without adding “.wav” or “.mp3” (or whatever the format was) to the end of the file, you won’t even be able to play the file.

For more explanation, read this link carefully:


I think the op is trying to burn an audio CD and ends up with a data CD?

In which case we need to know Windows versions. And can Media Player still burn an audio CD?

In Windows 8.1, Windows Media Player can still burn audio CDs.

Perhaps, but if the OP plays the audio or data CD in the computer with a USB turntable connected, they won’t be able to hear the CD.

To burn an audio CD in Windows Media Player 11 on XP (and Vista):

To burn an audio CD in Windows Media Player 12 on Windows 7 and 8: