Recording LP to CD

1s time :trying to record LP-from turntable (jensen turntable JTA 230 )-to :: MAC OS X EL CAPITAN–10.11.6, than to CD ?

This model has a USB output and includes a USB cable.

Start here:

Then continue here:

– Bill

Help!, I cannot understand instructions all I want to do is record an Lp into separate mp3 tracks, do you have any simple step by step instructions to do this. The only way I can think to do this is to record a track label it and then transfer it to my documents. But this would take months doing each track individually. Really fed up why can’t audacity put things in simple language for oldies like me.
thanks grateful for any help , Nina

Unfortunately it is impossible to give exact step by step instructions, as doing so would mean writing thousands of different version, one for each combination of computer type, operating system, record player, audio interface … It’s like asking a mechanic for step by step instructions for how to fix a car without specifying the make, model, fuel type,…

Also, please note that this is the forum board for Mac OS X, but I see your profile says that you use Windows 10. Instructions for a Mac will not work on Windows.

I’d suggest that you start here: Tutorial - Copying tapes, LPs or MiniDiscs to CD - Audacity Manual
If you get stuck, please start a new topic on the Windows board (Windows - Audacity Forum) and describe clearly and in detail, what you are trying to do, what equipment you are using (including which version of Audacity), and what the problem is.

Most of the Manual including the stuff on LP conversion was written by oldies like you (e.g. me) :wink:

This workflow tutorial may help you: Sample workflow for LP digitization - Audacity Manual