recording lineout and linein together


is it possible to record LineOut, and LineIn together.?

I am playing a karoke in my windows7 laptop, and a mic is connected to LineIn.

is it possible to record both together.?

Shyju N

You might not be approaching this the best way.
What format are your Karaoke tracks?

Yes if you have a stereo mix input.

Right-click over the speaker icon by the system clock, then choose “Recording Devices”. Right-click over the line-in then choose “Properties”. Then click the “Listen” tab and send the line-in to your output. Then follow these steps to see if you can show and enable stereo mix in the Recording Devices.

If so then you can record line-in and playback together. It’s not the best idea, as Steve says.


i am playing karoke from YouTube. (live stream)
it is basically a synchronized karoke(the lyrics is shown in video itself), and i am singing at the same time.

I presume that you want to see the synchronized lyrics while you sing, in which case, try the method that Gale described.
Note that not all sound cards can do this, so cross your fingers and give it a go.

Also before turning on the “Listen” setting, look on the “Playback” tab of Windows Sound, right-click over the playback device you using, choose Properties. Then choose “Levels”.

If there is a mute for line-in, unmute it and turn the slider up, and don’t use “Listen”. This should mean your singing will get sent to the output for recording with almost no delay, whereas with “Listen” your singing will be recorded a very short time after the background music is recorded.

However very few Windows 7 machines let you unmute the line-in directly.