Recording Levels

Running Audacity 3.0.2 on Windows 10 Home. I’m having issues with recording levels. With Audacity set to use “Line in at rear panel”, “Stereo Recording Channels”, and M190VA (NVIDIA High Definition) output I can click to start monitoring but when I click in the mixer and try to adjust the recording levels nothing changes. It’s the same way after I start a recording, nothing changes.

Audacity’s recording level slider is dependent on the sound card drivers. Some sound card drivers do not implement the necessary API, meaning that they ignore Audacity’s recording level slider. This is nearly always the case with USB devices, but also applies to some others.

In such cases, use the computer system’s controls instead.

If the computer system does not provide recording level controls (as is the case with many USB audio devices) then the only option is to use controls on the audio device, or if the device does not have a recording level control, adjust the output level of whatever sound source you are using.

Are the levels too high or too low? If they are too high and clipping (distorting) that’s a problem. If the levels are low, that’s probably OK. Digital recording levels are not critical (as long as you avoid clipping). You can boost the volume digitally after recording?

If the levels are too high, what are you recording from?

Obviously you did not read the beginning of my post in which I stated versions of Windows and Audacity I am using. Anyway, I switched to Mic input and was able to adjust the recording levels.