Recording levels! Grrrr!!

Hi there!

Just tried recording a vinyl onto audacity and the levels of the recording are waaaaaay too high. i cant find a solution but hopefully one of u geniuses can help me! :slight_smile:. It seems like the input level is too loud but i turned the master on my mixer almost all the way down and there wasnt a single change. confused? i certainly am :confused:

I have and use:
Technics (direct drive)
Pioneer Mixer
HP laptop (with mini jack microphone input)
Audacity 1.3.10
Mini jack to Phono lead (that goes from the mixer record output to the microphone input on my laptop)

please ask me any questions.

please help!

Have a read of this from the manual:,_LPs_or_minidiscs_to_CD


You can’t use Mic-In on your laptop for this. It’s expecting a really tiny, weak, mono signal from a microphone.

You can use one of the fine USB External Sound Cards we reviewed.


Thanx so much guys :slight_smile: i mean it!