recording levels drops to 0

I carefully set recording threshold, but after awhile the recording drops to inaudible. please advise

Check that the Windows “recording enhancements” are disabled:

I believe my recording set up is correct. My primary source of recording volume is provided by my audio
processor. Although I set this device for maximum recording level, it eventually drops precipitously.
Could the culprit be the processor, turntable or something else in the chain creating the aberration?


Did you read as suggested?

You’ll need to say far more about what you are recording, how that input is connected to the computer and what version of Windows.

And if Windows Sound Recorder does the same you can be sure it is not an Audacity problem.


thanks for your prompt reply. I’m listing my audio set up so that you might spot the source of my recording woes

  1. front L/R line-out connector connected to external audio receiver.
  2. receiver phono connection on
  3. yamaha processor set to line out
  4. turntable operative
  5. windows7 recording rear line in as default device (level 50%)
    2 channel, 16bit, 44100 hz
  6. windows7 stero mix disabled
  7. audacity settings: output slider 5.o
    input volume 5.0
  8. audacity sample float: 32 bit

Thanks for the list of the equipment.
How is it all connected together? What is plugged in where?
What is the “yamaha processor”?

Thank you again for your assistance. The recording fluctuations appear to be a faulty RCA cable . The change in volume alters with the jiggling of the suspected wire. I’m going to purchase a new cable and (at least) eliminate that source if not satisfactory. Crossing my fingers! Will follow up and reply.

sorry to say that my new cable does not correct the drop off problem. any suggestions?

It could be a faulty socket where the cable plugs in.