Recording level Windows 11 with laptop

I currently use Audacity on a Desktop PC with Win 10 and have no issues. I’ve just got a new Win 11 laptop and am experiencing issues recording from within my device i.e. from music folder. No matter what options I try with my sound card or altering Audacity input levels etc the recording level will only increase if I turn up my device volume. To get a normal recording level my device is playing really loud. Obviously this is not how I want to record. Any suggestions or is this just the way it is??

What “device”?

If you are recording from USB, usually you can’t control the volume with software

A if you need to adjust the recording level it’s best to adjust the analog level before it’s digitized. If you are clipping (distorting) the analog-to-digital converter, that can ONLY be prevented by lowering the analog level.

You can always boost with the Amplify effect after recording.

Hi. Thanks for reply. Im not recording from any external device. Just MP3 files on my hard drive. I have to turn up my device volume (Lenovo Yoga 7i) very high to get a normal recording level. Ive adjusted the recording level in Audacity to 100%. Dont know what else Ican do.

Are you playing those MP3 files in a music player and then recording them in Audacity on the same computer? Try importing the MP3 files directly in Audacity instead.

Yes I am. Ive not tried to import them as you suggest so will try that. Thank you.
Does this mean that any sound coming from my laptop directly such as a music or radio station will always need the volume set high?

Windows audio enhancements can be on by default.
Enhancements can include “loudness equalization” which throttles the volume.

Hi. Thanks for your suggestion. Just tried it but made no difference. Everything seems to be volume dependant which makes me think it is not possible. That’s dissapointing if this is the case.

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