recording level suddenly low

Using a Focusrite Scarlet Solo interface into my iMac (Catalina OS), I’ve never had any problem recording voiceovers using Audacity for Mac.

Until today… when my normal recording level is playing back rather quietly. The dB levels seem fine (I try to hit between -9 and -6dB). But even with headphone monitor volume right up, it’s all sounding too quiet.

I’ve reinstalled Audacity 3.1.3, but the problem persists.

Has anyone else had this issue?


What if you import a “known to be good” audio file (perhaps a previous recording that you made) and play that in Audacity - does that sound quiet?

Hi Steve. Yes, when I import a known to be good file into Audacity, the playback sounds quiet compared to when I listen to it out of Audacity.

Ensure that you have Audacity’s playback level turned full up (in the “Mixer toolbar”:

Thank you so much, Steve! That has fixed it! It’s always been at max in the past, and I’ve no idea how it had gotten moved down.

All best