Recording Level Slider

Using 3.3.3

Recording level slider is not working.
I t is stuck on 100 %

Thank You,

If you are using a USB audio device that’s normal.

If you need to adjust the recording level it’s important to adjust the analog level before it’s digitized. Many USB “podcast mics” have a built-in recording level knob and most USB audio interfaces also have a recording level knob.

If the level is low you can use the Amplify effect after recording. If the level is too hot and clipping (distorting), lowering the digital level doesn’t eliminate the distortion.

The purpose of the recording level is to gain the maximum volume without clipping. On USB devices and WASAPI loopback this level is already set externally to Audacity.

There can be variation in the controls depending on your drivers.

But I’m using Stereo Mix setting.

Yes - all of the above still applies.

The playback volume control should also affect the recording level.

If you are recording from any of the popular streaming services, they all use loudness normalization and many tracks will be lowered in volume and the peaks may not hit 0dB.

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