Recording level query

I have recently downloaded version 2.0.0 onto my Windows 7 computer (not sure if from .exe installer or zip) and have found that I need to reduce the recording level down to almost zero in order to achieve the correct recording level. The resultant recording seems to be ok, but with my previous recordings using Version 1.3 and Windows XP the level was always at maximum which is the default setting when you open the programme and recommended in the manual. I have tried adjusting volume levels on the computer but with no effect. I am recording my old vinyl record collection via an Ion iTTUSB turntable and there does not appear to be any means of reducing the output volume on this - I believe is one suggestion to reduce the recording level. Could you please advise me if there is a way of resolving this issue. Thanks.

After posting this query I discovered that the turntable has a gain adjustment, as mentioned in the Audacity manual. This was set to maximum and by reducing this to minimum I can now set a recording level to 2. Should I be satisfied with this and take no further action or is there any merit in pursing this further?

Does the turntable come with software and did you install it? Is there more modern software from the manufacturer? People are still playing catch-up with Windows 7. Win7 makes different assumptions about sound than earlier Windows did.


Trevor, does the ION plug into your USB bus and use the system USB driver? I don’t know about Win7 but in Vista, you can open the control panel, sounds, open the “microphone” that is the USB source, and there’s a tab for RECORDING that allows you to adjust the recording levels and quality. I’d expect you have the same thing, since Win7 is really NT6.1, aka Vista.1 with the same audio subsystems.

I sued to have an ION iTTUSB and that did have a gain control but it was in a very unobvious, inconvenient, unergonomic place - underneath at the back where the leads exit the deck. Almost impossible to adjust while an LP is playing … :astonished: :unamused:


Thanks for your replies. I answer as follows:
Koz - Yes the turntable came with a CD - Version 1.4 Windows 2000/XP - I will check whether there is a Win7 update. Thanks.
hellosailor - Yes I use the USB connection - I cannot find any recording adjustment thro’ Control Panel, but it may be me!
waxcylinder - I found the gain control and with it set to minimum I can record at about level 2 rather than almost zero so that’s an improvement!

I will try checking for an Ion Win7 update, but failing that I guess the recording level of 2 is OK, it seems to be recording OK anyway.
Thanks for your help all.