Recording Level Meter shows Zero: 3.3.3 on Big Sur

Two different people came to me with this problem this week. The Recording Level goes to zero without warning or user interaction.

In one case, the RL slider went to zero, but Audacity continued to record at the user’s normal level, so it may be a UI issue. The RL setting continued to change to zero every time the user reset it, as soon as they hit Record. User tried restarting Audacity, restarting the computer, and reinstalling Audacity, all without change in behavior.

In the other case, the user exited Audacity and restarted it, and the indicated RL returned to normal on its own.

In both cases, the users reported that 3.3.3 had been running successfully on Big Sur prior to the onset of this symptom within the last 3 days (it’s currently Sep 03 2023).

@StuartGauffi - you really need to log this on Muse’s Issues log on GitHub, as that is where you will get attention from Muse:

You need a GitHub account to do that, but those are free,


Thanks, Peter. I have done so.

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Yes I just saw that on GitHub, thanks.


@StuartGauffi and now that you have that GitHub account you can monitor the Issues, Discussions and most importantly the Actions (which are usually branch builds by developers or alpha test builds) - so you can see what Muse are working on.

The builds that are labelled master are the alpha test builds - the others show the developer who is running a particular branch


Indeed. Thanks again.

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