Recording level low--Playback level high

I have been recording LPs to CDs using Audacity for several years. I had been using a PC. I just downloaded Audacity 2.1.1 on my laptop(windows 7). I have discovered that to keep the wave form from being completely blue, I have to set the recording volume at .06. I listen to the turntable as it records and it sounds fine. However, when I stop the recording and listen to it thru the laptop, the distortion is terrible(and loud). The playback level is off the chart. I don’t know why I have to set the recording volume so low and the playback level is extremely high.

and you’ve had this problem for years?
How is the LP read by your computer?

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I have never had this problem. Turntable is hooked up via usb.

So does this always happen with the laptop, or did the laptop record at a more reasonable level before?

USB audio inputs on some laptops are very “hot” and sometimes different ports are “hotter” than others.

Are you choosing the correct USB Audio CODEC recording device in Device Toolbar?

If there is a gain knob on or underneath the turntable, try turning that down.