Recording level keeps going down

When I’m recording, the recording level I set it at keeps going down by itself. How can I fix this?

the recording level I set it at keeps going down by itself.

How far does it go? If you keep recording, does it go all the way to silence? Does it droop a little from where you set it?

Audacity doesn’t affect recording level during a performance, so whatever is happening is being done before Audacity.

What are you recording and how? If it’s a microphone, give us the model and maker. Has this service ever worked?


Thanks for your response.
I set it at about 7.5 and it jumps down in increments, eventually getting to about level 5. I’m recording a voiceover for a documentary. I’m using a Blue Yeti mic, and this is the first time this has done this to me. I’ve been using my same equipment and Audacity for two months now.

Did you just start using any of the Chat apps? Skype? New Game?

Windows hasn’t been a neutral, uninterested party for sound in a long time. I once got a Windows machine with Cathedral Effects stuck on playback and they didn’t tell me. There’s lot of things Windows can do to “help” with communications and conferencing. Many of those tools don’t sound very good when you’re trying to produce a theatrical presentation.

See if there’s anything in here.

I don’t know why this would suddenly start happening. That’s why I asked about a new app or game. Are you set for auto Windows update?


No. No new apps, Skype, etc. It was working fine last night. I’ll check out your link and see if I find anything there. Thanks.

If you set your recording lower than 5, does it slowly ooze up to 5? So it really likes 5 and tries to go there?

That’s a classic Auto Gain Control and another action like that has appeared on the forum recently.


I just tried it. No, it didn’t. It still moved even lower.

The only thing I have is try a cold shutdown. Windows 8 and 10 have a shutdown and restart that leaves parts of Windows running. If you start having Audacity troubles, we’ve been recommending an old-fashioned complete shutdown where everything stops.

In Win10, it’s Shift-Shutdown. In Win8 I’m not sure.

Here’s one:
Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 15.43.38.png