Recording level drops to zero during long loud note

Windows 7
Audacity 2.0.2

I’m trying to record my girlfriend singing.
We are using an AudioTechnica 2020 studio mic into a Soundcraft efx8 mixer.
She’s a powerful singer and is backed off from the mic by about 50cm.
The mixer gain level is about 50%, the channel level -10 and the final mix level also -10.
We are taking the output from the monitors (on this mixer the final mix require XLR connections and we only have a cable from jack to mini-jack). The Monitor level is 25%
These settings give a strong recording waveform in audacity which doesn’t clip through the entire song.

However … she’s singing Don’t Rain On My Parade and the last note is a sustained loud one (about 13 seconds) which she sings very ‘pure’ i.e. no vibrato and at a constant volume throughout. It records fine without clipping for the first few seconds then dips by about -2 dB for a couple of seconds then disappears to zero.

The rest of the recording sounds great but of course it’s useless without the end!

Any help much appreciated.

Your computer thinks the performance is air conditioning noise and is trying to cancel it. You should find and turn off Window Enhanced Services and any other special filters or enhancements you find.


Thanks Koz,

I’m sure you’re right.

Where would I find these settings to change? Are they in Audacity or are they Windows things? I’ve no idea where to start looking (not had much to do with audio on my laptop before!)


Found them I think …
I’ll try it later and add a post if it’s not sorted.
Thanks for your help so far :slight_smile:

Yep, all cured.

Playing with individual settings didn’t work only ‘Disable all sound effects’ worked.

Thanks Koz.