Recording length and positioning errors

Hey, I’m using Audacity 2.0 on a Win XP system, installed by EXE, and have recently had a problem crop up.

When I record an audio clip, the final length comes out longer than it ought, and the error can be expressed as such (+00m00.1s+(00.m00.0125/ 5 seconds of recording) ,-- ie a twenty second clip comes out 00.15 seconds over-long) which is WIERD. Also, the clips once recorded, are arranged to start at -00h.00m01.04s.

I have no idea what went wrong, as this didnt used to happen and I haven’t made any software changes, besides updating to Audacity 2.0…

Do you have Snap To: selected down at the bottom of the window? In that same section, so you have hours, minutes and seconds selected and not one of the specialized timing techniques like CDDA?

When I record an audio clip

By singing into a microphone? Describe exactly what the show is, what are you doing?