Recording Keybind

I want to record something from my mic over another program so I tried using the key bind(F9,I changed it) to start the sound recording but it just wont start over another program. thnks for all help :slight_smile:

It doesn’t make any difference what you set the Record shortcut to.

You can only record mic and another program at the same time by unmuting the mic (so that it plays through the sound output) then recording from stereo mix or similar. Most modern computers don’t let you unmute the mic. You can use “Listen to this device” in Windows Vista and later to send the mic input to the output, but that has latency (the mic input arrives late in the output).

That’s not the most professional approach anyway. Ideally you want to record the program into Audacity, then play the recording in Audacity and overdub your mic recording. Then you have complete editing ability on the program and mic recording in separate tracks.

Here is how to record computer playback: Tutorial - Recording Computer Playback on Windows - Audacity Manual .

Here is some information on recording overdubs: .

If you already figured out how to record, but the recording cursor is stuck at the start when you try to record, play the program before starting to record, or reboot the computer.

If you want more help, please tell us exactly what version of Windows and exactly what version of Audacity - see the pink panel at the top of this page.


No thats not what I mean, When I press f9 over another program nothing happens

We cannot see your computer. If you want help you will need to give your exact version of Windows, your exact version of Audacity and describe exactly what you are trying to do, using more words.

Do you mean “record mic while in another application”? If you are tying to set F9 as a global shortcut that records in Audacity while another application has focus, you cannot. That is a feature request.

You might be able to use a command (right-click over empty space in Windows Taskbar) to tile windows side by side, then drag Audacity’s Transport Toolbar outside the Audacity window. Just click Record on that Toolbar when you want to record, which will not cause the other program to disappear, though it will lose focus.


nevermind I got it working thank you for all support :smiley:

Why don’t you write a few more words and tell us what you were doing and how you solved it :slight_smile: It may help someone else.