recording issues

Hi all
I’m all new to Audacity and I’m only 12 years old.
I can’t manage to do any recording. I checked all the devices which are fine. The line of recording stay flat. I checked the FAQ but it didn’t say anything about that. I don’t understand the use of monitoring meter. I clicked as it’s said in the manual.
Can anyone help me? I’m on windows 10.
TY all.

What are you recording from? The microphone built-into your laptop? Streaming audio? A USB microphone? An external analog mic?

Make sure you’ve selected the correct [u]Recording Device[/u].

From a microphone on my headphone that’s the only device listed.

I up this as I need help. I’m sure it’s something silly but I can’t figure it out.

What happens when you try to record?

The track begins but it’s a flat line. When I’m reading the after that there si nothing recorded.

Try recording something, then apply the “Amplify” effect. Does that produce an audible result (if it does, it’s likely to be very noisy).

I tried that it amplified blanc noise nothing else.

No one can help me?

That’s good. It shows that Audacity is recording correctly. The problem is that Audacity isn’t receiving audio from your mic.

Open the “Sound settings dialog” from the Windows Sound control panel (See: Windows: accessing the Windows Sound controls - Audacity Manual)

In the “Recording” tab, do you see a green meter bouncing up and down when you speak into the mic?
If not, you may need to enable the appropriate device, or increase the recording level of the appropriate device.
You need to get this part working, then we can move on to Audacity settings.

Ok thanks the meter don’t budge. It’s strange cause we use that device with Zoom and it works. I don’t know what to do next.
Is it possible that the device work for ememiting sound but not recording it?

Ensure that Zoom isn’t running in the background. If it is, it may have grabbed exclusive control of the mic, preventing other applications from using it. (This is a common problem with conferencing / voip software)

I looked out, there was skype in the background I uninstalled it but doesn’t seems to change anything.

If the mic is working correctly with Windows, the green meter in the Recording tab of the Windows Sound control panel will respond to the sound.
If the mic is not working correctly with Windows, then it won’t work in Audacity. You need to get it working in Windows first.

Check in the “Levels” tab to ensure that the recording level is turned up. There may also be a “Boost” setting somewhere that needs to be enabled.

Ok I think I can forget registring on this computer :frowning: . I contacted a windows tech and he couldn’t solve my problem! How can the micro work for zoom and not for recording?
I cann’t think of anything to do now.

Please post a screenshot of the Recording tab from the Windows Sound control panel.

You mean this :


Yes that’s it.
The devices there are all parts of the computer’s built-in sound card.

What is the make / model of your headset, and how does it connect to your computer?
Was your headset connected when you made that screenshot?

No the microphone you see there is the one of the headset. Are that what I was thinking so far. I was wrong? the model is HyperX, there is 2 jack one for the sound one for the micro, and yes it was connected and enabled as default microphone as you can see on the screenshot.

Yes it’s the microphone of the headset because when i pull out only the jack of the microphone it’s said it’s disconnected