Recording issues

Hi. Basically when i import an audio file (Usually an mp3) that i want to use to record vocals on a separate track with, The audio file will play fine but when i open the audio file for the mic used from my 12 channel mixer the mic records in but i cant hear the music from audio 1 in my headphones whilst recording vocals only the mic. I use 2.3.2 version and i use windows 10. Any help is appreciated.

I’m having exactly the same problem :confused:

Hope someone can help

I’ve read that 3 times and I don’t understand what you are trying to say.

What microphone are you using? How is it connected to your computer?
What mixer are you using? How is that involved?
Where are your headphones plugged in?
What are you trying to do?

I very much doubt it. According to your profile you are using macOS and not Windows 10, and I think it highly unlikely that you have exactly the same set-up as roger, hence NOT “exactly the same problem”. If you require help, please start a new topic on the Mac forum board, provide clear details of what set-up you are using and what the problem is.