Recording Issues

Windows10 using Audacity 2.2.1
There are two of us in the US that have used Audacity for several years to create American Flute Music CD’s. We usually find a music track to start with and stretch it making a background sound. Next we add a hand drum beat that works with the background. We often add animal sounds, maybe some thunder etc. At this point we often have three to four stereo tracks. Next we start playing and recording our flutes. Often we move between different flutes I.e. low E minor and high E minor.

We have found several differences in the way this newest version of Audacity “works”. It could be we haven’t found the right settings yet? That’s why I joined your forum. I was hoping on some hints I haven’t gleaned out of the help pages.

When recording the key to stop the recording often won’t stop the application or the recording action. The space bar seems to always work. Also, when we start recording, and we’re wanting to start a new stereo track, the record action appends the last track we we’ve been working on, instead of starting a new stereo track. We can manually add a new stereo track and click at zero and get it to work but I’m hoping there is a way to do that automatically.

I personally have only published one CD. I spend a lot of time with an accomplice that has won several awards with his recordings and CD. Most of his music has been recorded and finalized using Audacity. Its great stuff and continues to get better.

You may have found an “Undocumented Feature.”

In responding to the seemingly thousands of people who were horrified when pressing Record a second time starts a new track, that behavior is settable now in Preferences > Recording.


I made two recordings in “Start Track mode,” and Audacity made two recordings one above the other. Then I changed to "Addendum Mode, " started a recording and the Stop button dropped dead.


I only did this once, so I’m going back to make sure it’s repeatable.

Mac Mini
OS-X 10.9.5
Audacity 2.2.1


I only did this once, so I’m going back to make sure it’s repeatable.

It’s not. I can’t make it do it again.

Have you noticed any condition that makes the Missing Stop Key more likely? I did it with simple, short sound clips, so it’s possible to do multiple passes until I hit something.


Have repeated the issue with the stop button not working. But have the new track recording option set and its working on my machine. My accomplice in his studio is having far more complex issues. He is unable to record more than one track at a time. The second track recording attempt errors and his mouse/keyboard freezes up. He has to close the application. The error is " Latency Correction has caused the recorded audio to be hidden before zero". We have reloaded, reset options to match those on my machine. What I can do with ease he’s unable to record more than one track because of the error?

I’ve read the other issues found using google and attempted the fixes that seemed to help other to no avail.

That sounds like a driver issue.
This article may help: Missing features - Audacity Support

We’ve made a couple changes. We found new drivers for the AudioBox mic inputs. That seems to have resolved our inability to stack up to seven stereo tracks. I believe I figured out what we were doing to kill the stop button from functioning. If you start recording with the button and hit the record button again, while recording, it kills the stop button. I have always been able to stop the recordings with the space bar. This was giving us more trouble when we were set to Append Record. Now that we are creating a new track each time we start recording this hasn’t been an issue.

Thanks all for the suggestions and support. Oh, one suggestion that came in was to make sure our Project Rate was set to 44100. We did default to 48000? That seemed to resolve what seemed as stability issues as well. The application seemed sluggish once the change was made to 44100 we haven’t noticed issues. Again thanks all!

Thanks for that update.

I can’t reproduce it killing the stop button (I’m on Linux, so it could be platform dependent), but I do see that it deselects the record button, and that shouldn’t happen, so there’s some kind of bug here that we can follow up.

So are you all good now? Can I close this topic?

This has been fixed for the upcoming 2.2.2 :slight_smile:

I couldn’t reproduce the inoperable Stop button on 2.2.1 on my W10 laptop nor on my Macbook Pro