Recording Issues 3.1.3

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
Audacity 3.1.3.


I recently updated my Audacity to 3.1.3.
With the previous version that I had installed, I had no problem recording but with 3.1.3. I have trouble. At first when I hit recording. I got an error, I checked online and I needed to click on transport - rescan audio devices. Which I did, after that I could select USB Audio Device in the second tab

However, I only could select mono track and the playback audio came from the speakers instead of the headset. This was different with my previous Audacity version. I just want to hear the sound through the speakers of the USB headset and want to be able to record on stereo tracks.

With that being said, I closed Audacity and launched a new project, but strangely enough, I can not select USB audio devices anymore, even though I clicked on transport - rescan audio devices.

I re-booted my laptop, now I can select USB-audio device again in the recording tab and I can select USB-audio device in the playback tab. Which will cause that I can hear the sound via the headset instead of the speaker. Still though, I can not select recording on two tracks (stereo)

Also, I have discovered after launching and re-launching that I need to manually select USB - audio device. Previous this was not the case. When I disconnect my USB headset the audio settings in Audacity need to fall back to default and when I connect my USB headset the recording and playback settings need to switch over to USB - audio device.

Also, another thing I see is that SHIFT + SPACE does not enable loop anymore.

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