Recording issue

Thanks for the “Audacity” program!!! I have recorded a session and all recorded fine except there was recording of local noise and conservation with the desired audio. Do I have an incorrect setting somewhere?


I have recorded a session

What kind of session? Live microphone? Playing the guitar? Recording a cassette tape?

Each one has their own errors.


Thanks for the prompt response!
I am using windows XP Profesional, 2002, Service Pack 3
Audacity level 2.0.4 Downloaded 9-24-13 Used the .exe installer


I apologize that I did not give an answer to some of your questions.
The recording I made was on the internet. I selected the site I wanted, paused the video/audio on the site, activated Audacity, selected “record” then started the internet site video/audio. My grandson was with me and as he talked that was recorded also.
I did not have a microphone plugged up so I don’t understand how his voice was picked up.


Presumably your machine has an internal microphone and you set the Audacity input in Device Toolbar to that. You want to set the input to stereo mix or similar if your sound card has that. See .