recording issue - jumping to end of imported tracks

Hi, I’ve been using Audacity for about a year now and two new issues have suddenly popped up. First, whenever I import audio and set up a new track to record to the imported audio tracks, when I hit record, it jumps to the end of the track. How do I fix that? Second, when I played back tracks before, everything was synced up. Now all of a sudden, there is latency between the tracks. These are both recent issues. I’m on MacBook Pro - OS Catalina - 10.15.7 and using Audacity 2.4.2. I believe this may have started after my upgrade to Catalina.

Thanks for any help you can give me. I just tried to follow a youtube video to see if I could fix the latency issue myself, but when I try to set up a new track to test with the click track and hit record, it jumps to the end…ugh

To record to a new track you don’t have to “set up a new track”. Just press “Shift + Record button” (or “Shift + R”) and Audacity will automatically create a new track and start recording.

Before “overdubbing” it is necessary to set up “latency correction”. See: Latency Test - Audacity Manual