Recording issue - internal recording

I just purchased an HP laptop with Windows 10 and downloaded Audacity 2.3.2. I had used this software on my previous desktop computer (with Windows 7) successfully to record and mix sound effects, music etc., internally - i.e. I played the sound on Media Player, Show|Ready, Youtube or various audio programs and recorded them on Audacity without an external mic. Now my laptop will only use its built-in mic to record externally, and the result is severely garbled. How can I get Audacity to record internally on my laptop?

It would seem this should be a piffle to do, but it’s not. Basic computers have a playback system which takes internet sounds for one example and routes them to the speakers. It has a record side which routes Line-In or built-in microphones and routes them to file systems for storage or Audacity record service.

They don’t cross. If they did you might get microphone sound coming back out the speakers and causing classic club band feedback. …eeeeEEEEEEEE.

Or internet sound that comes out the speakers and then back down the record path. More feedback. So special software has to be designed to deal with show recording without introducing unstable pathways.

The older Windows machines had relatively simple tools to do this and people got accustomed to it. As the Windows versions advanced, it got harder and harder.

Macs have never had tools to do this and we’ve always had to play games to record internet sound.