Recording issue - amplitude

Hello, I always appreciate this great tool.

I have been using 3.2.5, but from a few days ago, the amplitude of the audio recording became weird. the amplitude was usually at the peak of 0.8 to above 1.0, but now it is the range below 0.5 even though I shout. I think I didn’t change any settings when this change was found. Can anyone help with this?

Tell us about your setup. Are you using the mic built-into your laptop? A USB mic? A stage/studio mic with an audio interface?

@DVDdoug Thanks for your reply. I’m using a earphone jack, and the setting is Internal microphone. But the issue also comes with a standard internal laptop microphone. Both worked fine before, so I guess something was changed in the settings.

Anybody can help me with this issue? :slightly_smiling_face:

I assume you are on Windows. You need to check your settings in windows settings or using the older type control panel sound settings. ( search control panel on taskbar). You should see all your devices there with volume control and should see the amplitude of the sound on the indicator bar as you speak into it. Generally mic is internal mic, The input jack socket is sometimes called linein. There is also windows mixer if it is enabled.

@AudyMusik I really appreciate your reply! I did as you guided, but there seems to be something other than your suggestion. Any other idea?

You need to post what happened or what did you see when you checked your windows settings.
Are all your devices working OK in windows and in other sound applications that you have installed…?
Is Audacity just not picking up the windows settings…?
Show screen dump of alist of devices in windows and list of devices in Audacity.

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