Recording is too fast

I’m using Audacity 2.1.3 on a Windows 7 computer and my recordings are too fast. It has been running fine, and now all of the sudden, 3 of my recordings are playing back too fast. I have played around with the different effects, and it seems as though something was wrong during the recording and not so much with the playback itself. The playback also sounds very mechanical. The event that was recorded should be around 60 minutes, but the playback is around 26 minutes. I am trying to get it to play at a normal speed and sound. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

If you are playing-back in Audacity there is a playback speed control called the [u]Transcription Toolbar[/u]. That’s just a playback adjustment… It doesn’t change the file (so it won’t affect the exported file when you play it in Windows Media Player, etc.).

If that’s not the problem, the recording might be messed-up. You can slow it down with the Change Tempo effect but it’s probably not just a speed problem.

If your machine is starting to slow down and miss tiny parts of the capture, the show when you get done will seem to run fast.

This may be a good time to check up on computer hygiene. How full is your hard drive and when was the last time you backed it up and checked its health?

all of the sudden, 3 of my recordings are playing back too fast.

That’s a loud bell over on the video forums. “It’s been working perfectly for months, and now, for no apparent reason…”


windows 7 defrag