Recording Internal Audio

Hi there,

OS: Windows 7
version: 2.0.6
installer: zip

I have been spending some time figuring out how to do record internal audio, but so far have been unable to do so. I followed the tutorial ( Set up my volume settings to enable stereomix (both on my computer and on audacity) but when I play the track (which I can’t download) and press “record,” it does not pick up the sound (the waveform is static and when I do a test recording, it is silent).

However, when I “monitor” the audio, it IS picking up sound.

Would appreciate any advice/help!



However, when I “monitor” the audio, it IS picking up sound.

So when you click on the red recording meters or right-click on them and “Start Monitoring,” they jump in time to the show?


Yes to the latter, I when I select “Start Monitoring” the red bars jump along with the audio


Continue fact-finding:

When you make a ten second recording, do you get a recording duration of ten seconds (as an example).

Are you on a laptop and can you make a successful, straight recording of the laptop built-in microphone?

What’s your history with Audacity if any? First time user?


Have you tried the Windows WASAPI method mentioned in the Tutorial?