Recording input dropping out during sustained/continuous notes

I am using Windows 11 with Audacity 3.2.3

I am trying to record vocals using a Tenlamp G3 soundcard with the Tenlamp L9 microphone. After singing a long note, the input will suddenly drop out after a second or two. It won’t fix itself until the note or sound changes, even if I change my voice’s volume. I’ve confirmed it’s not an issue with my microphone, as it happens with my laptop’s built-in microphone as well. I’ve made sure my sound card drivers are up to date, and I’ve fixed the latency, but I’m not sure what else I can do.

It’s a good bet you have automatic noise reduction running somewhere. It seeks sustained sounds, assumes they are “noise” and filters them out. This could come from Windows Enhancements or another application such as Skype or Zoom.

Check in Windows Control Panels for Sound and make sure there are no tools or filters running. Clean Shutdown Windows and Start with no other applications running.

Shift+Shutdown > OK > Wait > Start.


To change Windows Enhancements, WIndows Key-R > mmsys.cpl > Recording Tab > Tenlamp(?) > Properties > Enhancements > Check Disable All Sound Effects.

To change Windows Enhancements

Which windows support that?


I thought they all did. Do you know of a version that doesn’t? Which one?

Hey all I have the same set up(tenlamp G3, L9 mic) but can’t get any sound through Audacity. I’m kind of at a loss. It works with computer mic. I have an HP laptop and am running current Windows. I selected tenlamp soundcard in my sound settings on computer. I’m not super tech savvy. Am feeling stuck. Maybe there’s a setting on Audacity that I’m not seeing or maybe I don’t have chords connected properly. Have tried YouTube and Tenlamp website.