Recording incoming phone audio


Not sure where to post this, but I want to record a phone call for a podcast. I’ve tried to get it to work in audacity - but cant get it to work if I’m recording any other audio from my laptop at the same time.

What I need is to be able to record the other parties voice onto my phone as I’m talking into an separate mic into audacity then I can import the phone audio into audacity afterwards.

Thanks in advance

The easy way to do it is to use a mobile phone and put it on speaker phone. Hold the phone to the side of your head so that it is facing the microphone. The mic will then record your voice and the phone.

I use a special purpose microphone. That’s an Olympus TP7 plugged into an Olympus sound recorder.

It goes in my ear and the phone goes on top. It will record both sides of anything I can hold up to my head. You can use it plugged into your computer, too, but then you have to struggle with all the other things your computer is trying to do. Audacity will only record from one “thing.” This is handy because it’s “one thing” that carries both sides of the conversation.

Separate recorder has nearly 100% success rate.

I don’t often post this because it’s not that easy to set up. The Windows machine on the left takes a little adapter and the Mac on the right doesn’t have a Mic-In connection and takes yet another adapter.

The separate recorder means you can make a recorded interview anywhere. Hold any phone up to your head and slide the mic in your ear and the recorder in your pocket.

I haven’t tried this with the Zoom recorders I should do that. It’s a natural.

mobile phone and put it on speaker phone.

The mechanical split techniques are recommended by several services as a natural, simple way to record both sides of a conversation. Record a Zoom by setting your phone in record between you and the computer running in hands-free. Yes, it picks up the room, but it does pick up. See all the forum complaints of people who fail to get both sides of the conversation doing it any other way.