recording in the red

I have all levels of microphones turned to the lowest setting; on my computer, on the Blue Yeti microphone, on the control panel recording, and playback levels and still when I record my voice, it goes into the red (hot) unless I practically whisper. I am using the cardioid pattern mode and recording a podcast. i am using window 8 and just downloaded audacity so I’m assuming its the latest version.

Please help. It’s super frustrating not to be able to make a recording that isn’t going off the sound chart!

Strange… People usually complain that the Yeti is too quiet.

Make sure [u]Microphone Boost[/u] is turned off (down to 0dB). Microphone boost may not show-up with an external USB mic, but it’s something you can check.

And, make sure all [u]Audio Enhancements[/u] are turned off.

Can you tell we’re all giving each other the puzzled puppy look? Wait, it’s too loud???

People posting with high volume problems generally find Processing, Conference or Chat tools running. Plain Yeti microphones do not have naturally high volume.

There is a little trick. Instead of talking lower and lower, make a clip where you speak louder and louder. Yes, the sound will overload, but does the overload not seem to change as you get louder and louder? That’s classic voice processing somewhere. Do you have Skype and do you leave it napping instead of shutting it down when you’re done?

Do you have Game capture software? Any other sound programs other than Windows Media?

Does the problem go away if you wear headphones? Any headphones. Earbuds will do it. It’s just a test.


What do you have for recording device? What does it say in the window next to the microphone.
Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 20.24.54.png

You can only guarantee you have the latest version if you download from us:


Sometimes there is a level difference between different USB ports for example between USB 2 and USB 3 ports.


a level difference between different USB ports for example between USB 2 and USB 3 ports.

That’s not a function of USB, is it? That’s much more likely the makers trying to “help us.”