Recording in Seperate tracks

Hi, i was recording a simple story for my 4 year old neice… i started recording and figured that each take is recorded on a seperate track… which to me sort of complicates the issue… is there any way of recording on the same track and not creating a 100 of them for each take?

Without actually trying to figure out what you did…

Read one chapter without stopping. Press Stop. Get a glass of water and when you’re ready to start the next chapter, Press Append Record (Shift-R) and start talking. Continue until you finish the story. Press Stop the last time.

Create a music file.

File > Export > WAV or MP3. That will give you one single music file with the whole story on it. MP3 needs additional software.

Did that cover it?


As someone who does the occasional audio book, I’ve found having each take on a separate track really useful. If I screw up somewhere I can delete just that bit/in that take. It allows for sliding sections closer together etc. Its all personal taste really.