Recording help!

Is it possible to do Multi tracking? Like use two microphones at the same time? In order for me to record drums, I need more than one mic. How do I use both to record at the same time?

The jump from one microphone to two is a big one. On a Mac, you can use Aggregate Device to jam two USB microphones together, but you can’t control them individually and you can’t change the mix later.

You can use two or more microphones into two or more computers and mix the individual tracks later, or you can use a mixer to combine microphones ahead of the computer. I use one of these, but they make a USB version as well for Windows people.

That’s it on the sofa.

Then you need XLR series microphones instead of sound card computer microphones.

It’s a seriously big step. Two to three is a much smaller step and three to six is usually a matter of throwing a bit more money. You don’t have to change the philosophy of how you record unless you want to.