Recording has turned into Playback

Hi I was recording from audio cassette and was to resume after pause. However now when I am releasing the pause button, it is playing the so far recorded audio and time meter is going much ahead. Not sure what wrong I have done and how to resume my recording from where I had paused.

Thanks in advance.

Make sure you are using Audacity 2.1.2 from Look in Help > About Audacity… for the version you have now.

Turn off Transport > Overdub so there is no tick (no checkmark) by it.

Did you change the Audacity Project Rate bottom left by accident? This might cause a problem.

Are you using a USB tape converter? If so try exiting Audacity then disconnect and reconnect the USB cable tightly at both ends before launching Audacity again.


Thanks. The problem was restored after restarting and that meant losing on the recorded project.

If you are saying Audacity was non-responsive, so would not let you save or export the recording and you had to force quit it, then Audacity “should” offer to recover the good part of the recording when you restart it.

If you need more help, please give us more information to go on. You never told us your Audacity version or exactly how you are recording your cassettes. If it is a USB converter, try a new USB cable, make sure Audacity project rate bottom left is 44100 Hz, and make sure “Audio to buffer” in Recording Preferences is at least 100 milliseconds. For extra safety, set it higher, such as 200 milliseconds.