Recording has periodic skips


I’ve used Audacity to record several concerts in the past with no issues. However, I’ve just upgrade to 2.0.5 and the last recording I took seems to skip significant chunks at frequent intervals. Overall the recording appears to be about half the length it should be.

I had play-through disabled and I also disabled all the power save options on my MacBook when I took the recording.

I’m doubtful that there is anyway I can save the recording but if anyone has any ideas/suggestions that would be great.

If you have any thoughts about what I should try to avoid this that would also be really helpful.



Which version did you upgrade from?
Which MacBook are you using?

Thanks for the quick reply.

I think my old version of Audacity was 2.0.3. My MacBook Pro is the Mid 2009 version recently upgraded to the Mavericks OS.

Here is 2.0.3 - please test if 2.0.3 has the same issue on your updated Mavericks: .

Be aware there are some reports that suggest Mavericks is sluggish if you upgrade to it and that reinstalling Mavericks might help.

You may need to close more programs before recording, or open Activity Monitor to see if some app is hogging CPU and should be force quit.