Recording has feedback noise in it [SOLVED]

Hi everyone,

I am using Windows 7 and Audacity 2.0.5.

As suggested by the forum members, I was recording my mixes with the, UCA 222 (a USB “line level” input) but I have had to go back to my old method of recording my mixes temporarily (which was by connecting my Numark Mixdeck Express with a standard audio cable, RCA to 3.5mm stereo jack, and plugging it into the microphone port of my laptop). I’ve turned off all the enhancements in both of my playback and recording devices (as suggested here which does help my mixes sound much clearer even without the UCA 222, but my mixes now have feedback in them after I have recorded them, I was wondering if there’s anything I can do, besides using noise removal (which reduces the quality a bit and results in a shuffling noise throughout the mix) to prevent the feedback occurring on the first place.

Here’s audio clips of the noises: (I had to use dropbox because I can’t seem to attach files to this post for some reason)

Any help is welcome

The forum only allows tiny sound files.

Does it happen when you speak? You should avoid posting electronica and techno songs to illustrate a problem which sounds like electronica and techno.


I’ve attached a sound clip with me speaking, and the feedback is there throughout the clip.

Do you mean that rain in the trees sound? That’s not feedback. That’s just hiss and noise from a bad recording.

Are you using your system like in the attached picture?

You should have the two RCA Master Outs (Left and Right) connected to the INPUT L & R of the UCA222. Plug the UCA222 into the computer and then start or restart Audacity. Audacity checks for new equipment when it starts up.

Use the Audacity Device Toolbar to select the UCA222. Mine says “USB Audio CODEC.” It doesn’t say anything about UCA or Behringer.

From the other postings, it says you shouldn’t need the UCA222, but nobody gets recordings without it.

Right-click in the red Audacity sound meters > Start Monitoring.

Now play something on the mixer. I think I see one problem. The mixdeck doesn’t have sound meters (that I can tell) so you have no idea if you have a live show or not.

When Audacity is recording a good mix, the meters and blue waves should look something like this.

If you have weak red meters way on the left or the blue waves are almost flat, then the volume isn’t high enough. Adjust the recording volume control on the Audacity mixer toolbar, or play the show louder.

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 12.01.22 PM.png

Yes I am using a system like in the attached picture, and it doesn’t have sound meters. Okay thanks, I will do that when I get my UCA 222 back, but like I said earlier, I just want to know if I can remove the hiss without it in the meantime. I don’t have weak red meters way on the left or blue waves that are almost flat, but the hiss is till there. I have even turned the gain - the volume -, the bass, treble and mid knobs down on the deck, so that there is no sound coming from the decks and that hiss is still there.

If this issue seems a bit tricky to solve, I will just post a new thread again if it persists when I get my UCA222 back and record through the USB Audio CODEC function.

Hiss is deadly to remove particularly on music. On voices you can play timing tricks and hide some hiss behind that, but music is a problem.

Your only option is with the UCA222 (or other variations and makers). The mixer instructions keep insisting you should be able to get the tunes from the USB system, but nobody’s been able to get that to work.

Stereo Line on the mixer and the laptop Mic-In aren’t the same connection. For one thing, Mic-In is mono which is probably where your left to right unbalanced sound is coming from. Mic-In is expecting a tiny, delicate microphone signal which is probably where your hiss is coming from.

I bought older design but new laptops just so I could get a stereo Line-In. New machines and designs just don’t do that.


Okay then cool, thanks the help!

Yep I got my UCA222 back and it’s solved everything. Thanks again for the help.