recording Guitars

Just downloaded Audacity and its all a bit overwhelming me not being too techy. Any how all I want to do is record some guitar tracks and maybe some keyboard can I do this and how easy is it I am using windows XP and installed it from the .exe

Yes, and you can overdub, too. Record instruments one after the other and overlay them into a final song. But that’s not beginner territory.

What kind of computer and microphone have you got? The more information the better. Have you ever done anything like this before?


Hi I have a samsung rV510 laptop which has windows 7 and an old packard bell which is xp the laptop has a built in microphone.I thought I could connect the guitar to the pc using a usb lead and use audacity to mix the sounds thats all i really want to do.

No I have not done anything like this before, but would quite like to! just want to see what I can do and how much I need to spend to get started.
thanks Robee69

Had a go at recording my acoustic guitar using the buil in mic sounded fine but could not seem to save it. Any tips?

You are probably in Pause mode rather than Stop mode.

Stop is the button with the square yellow icon


Thanks thats what it was.