Recording Guitar & Vocals to two separate tracks using MBox

I’m using a USB powered MBox (2 Channel input) with a line in (guitar) to input 1 and a mic in (vocal) to input 2.
I can record both at once to a single track, but I would like to record both guitar and vocals at the same time to two separate tracks for editing.
Is this possible in Audacity 1.3 running on a MacBook Pro?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Do you get one track or a stereo track with the same thing on both sides? Audacity 1.2 defaulted to Mono when you installed it, Audacity 1.3 defaults to Stereo.

It’s all up to the Mbox. If you have a really simple one that automatically mixes everything down to one stereo show, that’s the ball game, grab your hot dog and go home. The more serious MBox units allow you to position a performance with a Pan Pot. in that case, push the vocal to one side and the guitar to the other and record your brains out. Split the Stereo Track in Audacity and mix as you wish.

Audacity is a complete slave to the computer that’s running it. If the computer and sound equipment won’t do it, chances are Audacity won’t, either.


To build on your question, Audacity will not capture two different stereo tracks at the same time. This is usually OK since nobody records vocals in Stereo any way.


Thanks so much for your quick response.
Makes sense and I’ll pan the recording.