Recording guitar pedals

Hello to all. I can not register my guitar on my computer using Audacity. Using a pedal Digitech rp360xp that has an exit USB to connect to the computer. If I choose “Digitech rp360xp In / Out” as a recording device recording does not start by choosing any of the three options provided for the audio system (MME, DirectSound Windows or Windows WASAPI). If you choose the option “Digitech In / Out Loopback” and sound system WASAPI registration part but not record anything, in short, flat encephalogram. Where am I wrong? Thanks for the help

For Audacity to use the device as an audio input, it must be recognised by the operating system (Windows) as a audio input and enabled.
Look in the recording devices settings in the Windows Sound Control Panel to see if the device is listed and enabled. If the device works correctly with Windows, you should see a green meter jumping up and down when you play through it.

If that works, then start (or restart) Audacity (the device should be connected and recognised by Windows first), and set the Audacity recording input setting (in the device toolbar) to match the device name in the Windows control panel.