Recording grayed out, can't hear


Love Audacity, use only occasionally, sometimes years between, usually to digitize old cassette tapes.

This time I brought in a stereo audio track created elsewhere (FCPX).

I recorded a few additional takes of stereo tracks.

The third was grayed out, and can’t be heard.

Trying to record additional tracks, same thing.

What’s up? I didn’t click solo, I didn’t do anything that I know to douse the sound.

How can I ungray make the track and make it hearable?


Could you post a screen shot of the project?

Also, which version of Audacity are you using, and which version of macOS?

Finally, can you reproduce this problem in another project? If so, please tell us the exact steps you took to reproduce the problem.

– Bill

Sorry, figured it out. Kinda. I think before creating new tracks I had muted the previous take. Clicking mute 2x took away the mute

I can’t reproduce this with Audacity 2.4.2.

What version of Audacity are you using? Can you reproduce the problem by muting a previously imported or recorded track then recording a new one?

If this is a bug we’d like to track it down.
– Bill