Recording glitched out and crashed, unsaved files gone

Hello, I am in desperate need of help. Today I recorded with my podcast guest for 2+ hours, and all of a sudden after ending the recordings (multiple stops and starts) my screen on audacity started glitching out and then turned completely white. All of the drop down menus were blank an inoperable. It lasted for an hour to the point I decided to restart the computer. In order to do so I had to click do not save on the audio, because when I clicked save before trying to close audacity it would do nothing and show a glitched out audacity logo. Now my computer is restarted, audacity pulls up normally, but my unsaved audio recording is gone. I so desperately want these back. One of our best recordings ever. Please please please help me:(

I can’t help with the current lost file, sorry - but a tip for the future.

You say that you had “multiple stops and starts” - so when you pause the interview either
a) use File > Save Project > Backup Project to make intermediate backup copies, or
b) Export a WAV file of the intermediate stages as backups you can return to.


Another tip for the future. In this or a similar scenario, click on the Apple menu then select Force Quit. Choose Audacity from the list and click the Force Quit button. This will leave Audacity’s temporary file in place which you may be able to recover the next time you start Audacity.

Are you both in one room with a microphone or two on the table between you? You could make a backup recording with Voice Recorder running on your phone flat on the table between you. The quality won’t be as good as the higher quality microphones, but you will have a voice performance after the computer goes into the dirt.


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