recording from zoom

i have a zoom mrs 1044 digital recording machine which replaced my Tascam cassette machine.I was familiar with recording out of the tascam…but out of my depth with the zoom as to what cables go where any suggestions to get me started(i also have a us-202 sitting around doing nothing …help…60fiver

I know it’s tempting to gaze intently at the Zoom, but we’re really going to need a lot more information about the computer, operating system, versions, etc. etc. Windows 7 on a Dell Dimension Laptop?


On a first-pass inspection of the instruction book. I would connect the two RCA Master L and R to the L and R of the UCA 202. Plug the UCA 202 into the computer and find it in the computer preferences (after it mounts). Only then do you open Audacity and set its preferences for the same thing.

That’s the fuzzy, general version to get you rolling.