recording from youtube

i am new to audacity and have version 2.2.2 xppro o/s 32bit
i am trying to record internally ( ie not via usb / or minijacks )
the problem is i cant record a direct stream from youtube or any
other soundsource into audacity
i have tried all combinations of record options in edit–preferences–devices
the 2 record options are ‘microsoft sound mapper’ and ‘m-audio delta AP multi’
the host options are ‘MME’ and ‘window direct sound’
but nothing works

my computer has an audiophile 2496 soundcard installed
any ideas?

Do you have a “Stereo Mix” option as shown here:

Note that “WASAPI” is not available on Windows XP.

thanks for the link/ info…no i haven’t got a stereo mix option
i will sort it

If your audiophile 2496 does not have a stereo mix option in the Windows Sounds settings, then the fallback solution is to use a stereo audio cable to connect the “line out” from the sound card to the “line in”. This is described in the “Loopback cable” section on the same page:

i can already record and replay
via the soundcard inputs/outputs via an audio mixer