Recording from Win10 Desktop Problem

Trying to record spoken documents for a blind friend.
Cannot get Audacity to record from any audio apps.
Tried everything I could find online about this problem.
Audio is Realtek. Updated the driver.
When I set WASAPI as the host I get the
Error opening recording device -9996 Invalid device when I click record.
Playback device is Speakers Realtek Audio.
Recording device is Speakers Realtek Audio loopback.
If host is set to MME and I click record the recording bar takes off to the right but not recording anything. No audio apps running to play any audio.
Win10 is up to date with current Microsoft updates.

Any ideas to correct this problem ?

That should work. WASAPI won’t record if there is “nothing” so you may have to start playback first. A silent audio stream is OK, but no audio stream is not.)

MME doesn’t have loopback but sometimes there is “Stereo Mix” or “What U Hear” and those can also record whatever is coming out of the soundcard.

Or, at the bottom of this page you’ll find links to a couple of software alternatives.

Thanks for the suggestions, but nothing seemed to work. I’ve found a solution to recording the audio. I had forgotten that I had purchased a music recording application a little while ago to record some music. That app allowed me to record the spoken document from Word.

Thanks again

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