Recording from Vinyl

Hi, I’m recording from an Audio-technica AT-LP120 turntable and I’m experiencing a lot of feedback in my recording. I want the tracks for sampling in DJ mixes, so I’ve set the sample rate at 48k and gone for 32 bits (though I experimented with 24 and 16 and had the same result). Could someone give me some tips about how to reduce feedback and the clipping effect that’s distorting the sound?

Thanks for the time.

Are you recording with the sound system cranked all the way up? In actual clubs, I used to put the turntables on slabs of cement to keep them from moving with the beats (the turntables have their own fuzzy feet).

Are you recording the turntable, or are you recording Soundflower or other sound software? If you like to record YouTube or other internet music, those settings are not the ones for recording a live performance.